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Giorgio Vallortigara

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Trento

Main interests include:

- Spatial cognition in the avian brain. I am interested in the mechanisms underlying use of geometry in spatial navigation. I use the chick as a system model and a combination of behavioural and neurobiological methods, including lesion studies and single cells recording.

- Number cognition, using operant and imprinting techniques in frogs, some species of corvids, and domestic chicks. The research work involves investigation of both cardinal and ordinal aspects of number. We also plan to investigate intuitive notions of probability in animals (in chicks and non-human primates).

- Biological predisposition in recognition of animated objects. The research project involves investigation of phenomena such as biological motion perception and face-like stimuli recognition. We plan to study newly-hatched chicks and human newborns using behavioural techniques and, respectively, hymmuno-hystochemistry and NIRS for investigation of the brain areas involved in the biological predispositions.


  • –present
    Full Professor of Neuroscience, Faculty of Cognitive Sciences, University of Trento


  • 1990 
    University of Padua, PhD/Experimental Psychology