PhD candidate (Cognitive Neuroscience/ Neuroengineering), The University of Queensland

I work on a number of projects using behavioural and physiological measures as well as measures of neural activity (EEG, fNIRS). Some of my recent projects include:

BCI: Developing a fast and flexible frequency tagging based brain computer interface spelling device using a high accuracy classifier to distinguish between 40 frequencies.

Joint Action: Investigating how the brain coordinates joint actions from the perspective of visual attention and testing the neural synchrony hypothesis.

Approach and Avoidance: Investigating whether differing behavioural goals effect the allocation of selective attention to behaviourally relevant objects in dynamic interactive environments.

Working Memory: Investigating whether the contralateral delay activity tracks the number of objects of the number of unique identities held in working memory.

Attentional Load: Contrasting well established electrophysiological effects of attentional load measured with EEG with the BOLD response measured with fNIRS.


  • –present
    PhD candidate, The University of Queensland


  • 2015 
    The University of Queensland, Bachelor of Science (Hons I)


  • 2018
    Differential deployment of visual attention during interactive approach and avoidance behavior., Cerebral Cortex
  • 2017
    Do sitting, standing or treadmill desks impact psychobiological indicators of work productivity?, Journal of Physical Activity & Health.