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Associate Professor, The University of Queensland

My research activities focus on combining evolutionary and genetic approaches to human behaviour. This involves experiments, twin studies, and statistical genetics. Broadly, I want to know what evolutionary processes gave rise to the various characteristics of our extraordinary species, and why there are wide, heritable individual differences in these characteristics despite selective pressures favouring only the most advantageous genetic variants.

I'm particularly interested in mate preferences and choices, physical attractiveness (face and body), intelligence, personality, masculinity-femininity, and sexual behaviour and orientation.

Evolutionary and genetic approaches to human behaviour and individual differences. Personality, mate preferences, mate choice, sexual dimorphism (masculinity and femininity), female orgasm, disgust sensitivity, cognitive psychology.


  • 2021–present
    Associate Professor, University of Queensland
  • 2010–2020
    Research Fellow, University of Queensland


    University of Queensland, PhD
    University of Queensland, Bachelor of Psychological Science

Research Areas

  • Quantitative Genetics (Incl. Disease And Trait Mapping Genetics) (060412)
  • Ethology And Sociobiology (060304)
  • Psychology (1701)