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Elizabeth Stephens

ARC Future Fellow and Associate Professor of Cultural Studies, The University of Queensland

Elizabeth Stephens is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow and Associate Professor of Cultural Studies in the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at the University of Queensland. She is the author of three monographs: Normality: A Critical Genealogy (University of Chicago Press 2017), co-authored with Peter Cryle; Anatomy as Spectacle: Public Exhibitions of the Body from 1700 to the Present (Liverpool University Press 2011); and Queer Writing: Homoeroticism in Jean Genet's Fiction (Palgrave 2009). Her Future Fellowship examines practices of experimentation as a site of collaboration between the arts and sciences, from the nineteenth-century scientific laboratory to contemporary experimental art.


  • 2003–present
    ARC Research Fellow and Deputy Director the Centre for the History of European Discourses , University of Queensland


  • 2003 
    Macquarie University, PhD