Kate Johnston-Ataata

Research Associate, Social Studies of Health and Medicine Research Program, Monash University

Kate is currently undertaking a PhD in family sociology at Monash and is due to complete in late 2016. Her thesis explores European-Australian / Tongan intercultural couples' experiences of the life transitions of partnering and becoming becoming parents.

In addition to her doctoral research, Kate is a Research Associate at the Social Studies of Health and Medicine Research Program at Monash University, working on research that seeks to broaden our understanding of experiences of health and illness (particularly mental health) in social context. Projects she has worked on include the Emotional Experiences of Early Parenthood in Australian Families project (funded by Healthdirect Australia), the Mental Health and Supported Decision Making Project (ARC Linkage Project) and Experiences of Depression and Recovery in Australia (ARC Linkage Project). Kate is also the Coordinator of Healthtalk Australia, a consortium of qualitative health and illness experience researchers who translate their findings into both the academic and lay arena via a series of research-based public websites.

Kate's research interests are in the social, cultural and emotional dimensions of life-course transitions and social reproduction in late modernity. She is a member of the Australian Sociological Association (TASA), the Australian Association of Pacific Studies (AAPS), and the Australian Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement (AMIRCI).


  • –present
    Research Associate, Health in Society Research Network, Monash University


  • 2007 
    University of Melbourne, Master of International Mental Health