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Professor in Evolutionary Biology (jointly appointed with South Australian Museum), Flinders University

Michael Lee is an evolutionary biologist at the South Australian Museum and Flinders University who is interested in major transitions in evolution. Among other things, he is currently studying why lizards lose their legs, how turtles got their shells, why sea snakes took to the water, and what caused evolution's "big bang" (the Cambrian explosion).


  • 2016–present
    Professor, Flinders University
  • 2016–present
    Senior Research Scientist, South Australian Museum


  • 1995 
    University of Cambridge, Ph.D, Zoology
  • 1990 
    University of Queensland, B.Sc

Research Areas

  • Palaeontology (Incl. Palynology) (040308)
  • Evolutionary Biology (0603)
  • Animal Systematics And Taxonomy (060301)