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Since its establishment in 1966, Flinders University has enjoyed a well-justified reputation for excellence in teaching and research. It has a long-standing commitment to enhancing educational opportunities for all and a proud record of community engagement.


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Things to keep in mind for writers young and old. Kenny Luo/Unsplash

10½ commandments of writing

There is no single piece of advice that works for everyone, but here is a list that will benefit writers at every stage of their career.
The smouldering ruins of a child’s bike lies amongst a property lost to bushfires in the Mid North Coast region of NSW last month. Darren Pateman/AAP

Friday essay: living with fire and facing our fears

Living in a bushfire-prone area means every decision - from plants to parking spots to holidays - is shaped by fire risk. We live and die by the advice we are given, and the advice we ignore.
Along the Stuart Highway in the Northern Territory, giant termite mounds have been bestowed with human clothes and accessories. Author provided

What the termite mound ‘snowmen’ of the NT can tell us about human nature

Around 300 termite mounds dressed as people can be found along the Stuart Highway in the Northern Territory. They sport all manner of accessories from bras to hard hats to beer cans.


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