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Associate professor, University of Sydney

My research areas revolve around sediment transfer from source-to-sink, sedimentary systems, geodynamic and landscape evolution, carbonate platforms and ocean dynamics. My main activities consist in the design and implementation of open-source numerical codes that improve our understanding of the complex interactions between sedimentary systems, climatic & tectonic forcing, and the physical processes that erode, transport, and deposit sediments.

My current fields of research are:

1. Reading past history from the stratigraphic record - Unraveling basin archives by developing state-of-the-art numerical models of sedimentary systems through space and time.
2. Learning Earth evolution to better prepare for the future - Tackling complex problems using holistic approaches that quantify earth surface processes interactions with both climatic, oceanic and tectonic forces.
3. Enabling cross-disciplinary research by linking data to whole Earth models - Working across temporal and spatial scales fostering new knowledge related to biodiversity, coral reef and ocean hydrodynamic.
4. Designing open-source software for the geoscience community - Promoting reproducible science and open source software by making numerical codes & workflows available for both Industry, Research & Teaching.