Professor, Sport and Physical Cultural Studies, University of Bath

I am an interdisciplinary sociologist who has published widely in the areas of mental health, active communities and social well-being, with a focus on leisure, events, sport and tourism experiences.

I am interested in the contribution of leisure, sport and tourism to social change, and have developed a particular focus on gender and diversity issues. Drawing upon contemporary theories of embodiment, governmentality and the bio-politics of health this research has contributed to critical debates about active living and mental health policy.

My professional background in community service management for diverse populations and inclusive approach to active participation has informed my teaching of critical management and leadership approaches, as well as community development processes.

I have received funding from the Australian Research Council (ARC) and university grants programs to conduct qualitative research into the sociocultural context of leisure and health issues. ARC Discovery projects include the significance of social and leisure practices in women’s recovery from depression and the socio-cultural context of youth suicide in rural and urban communities. Additionally, I have undertaken research on the challenges of promoting active family lifestyles in the 'risk society' as well as new work on the rise of the slow travel movement. I am currently completing a new book on the rise of roller derby as a new women's sport and cultural practice with co-author Dr Adele Pavlidis. The book explores questions of identity, power and affect in relation to the growth of roller derby at a time when women's participation has dropped in other organised sports.


  • 2014–present
    Professor, Sport and Physical Cultural Studies, University of Bath


  • 1999 
    University of New South Wales, PhD Sociology