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Since its establishment in 1975, Griffith University has come to be regarded as one of Australia’s most innovative tertiary institutions and one of the most influential universities in the Asia-Pacific region. Griffith University has internationally recognised strengths in teaching and research.


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Scalloped hammerhead entangled in a Queensland shark control net at Magnetic Island, Townsville. Courtesy of Nicole McLachlan

Some sharks have declined by 92% in the past half-century off Queensland’s coast

Some media have reported shark numbers at 'plague proportions' in Australian waters. But a new analysis suggests the opposite: species such as hammerheads and white sharks have plummeted in number.
Cairns has lots of hard grey infrastructure but much less green infrastructure that would reduce the impacts of the city’s growth. Karine Dupré

Cities can grow without wrecking reefs and oceans. Here’s how

Urbanisation is the main reason for rising temperatures and water pollution, but receives little attention in discussions about the health of water streams, reefs and oceans.
Up to half of stillbirths happen unexpectedly and a clear cause is never identified. from

Five ways to reduce the risk of stillbirth

A Senate Report has put forward 16 recommendations to reduce rates of stillbirth in Australia targeting a 20% reduction in the rate within three years. We can do this by focusing on five practices.
Excavación arqueológica en Ain Boucherit, Argelia. Mathieu Duval

Los primeros humanos alcanzaron el Mediterráneo mucho antes de lo que pensábamos

Las herramientas de piedra encontradas en lo que hoy es Argelia muestran que los primeros humanos llegaron al norte de África hace 2,4 millones de años, es decir, 600.000 años antes de lo que creíamos.
The Spodek complex in Katowice, Poland, will host this year’s UN climate summit.

As they meet in Poland for the next steps, nations are struggling to agree on how the ambitions of the Paris Agreement can be realised

As leaders and negotiators head to Katowice, Poland for this year's round of UN climate talks, it is clear that there is still much work to be done to meet the goals set in Paris three years ago.
Exemple de traces d'activité anthropique trouvées sur le site d'Ain Boucherit (Algérie) : un nucleus en pierre à partir duquel des éclats coupants ont été extraits. M. Sahnouni

Des traces de présence humaine de 2,4 millions d’années découvertes en Algérie

Des traces de présence humaine datées de 2,4 millions d’années ont été découvertes dans le nord de l’Algérie. Que révèlent-elles sur les hominidés ?
Brisbane’s South Bank parkland isn’t exactly getting out in the wild, but experiences of urban nature are important for building people’s connection to all living things. Anne Cleary

Why daily doses of nature in the city matter for people and the planet

Moves to connect people with nature for both the conservation and health benefits point to the need for people to experience nature as they find it in the city, rather than only out in natural areas.
Success with conservation of Kangaroo Island’s Glossy Black-Cockatoos can now be compared with other bird conservation efforts around the country. Ian Sanderson/Flickr

For the first time we’ve looked at every threatened bird in Australia side-by-side

New research has shown how to measure conservation progress for Australia's 238 endangered bird species
Donald and Melania Trump in Paris last week. According to the Washington Post, the president has made 6,420 false or misleading comments in 649 days. Ian Langsdon/EPA

Friday essay: turning up the level of civilisation

US president Donald Trump's industrial scale deception has dangerous implications everywhere. What then, can we do to foster a more civilised society?
After a positive start, Morrison’s relations with his Indonesian counterpart, Joko Widodo, cooled off after he suggested moving the Australian embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Lukas Coch/AAP

In his first major foreign policy test, Morrison needs to stick to the script

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has a busy summit season ahead of him. After early foreign policy stumbles, it's important he reads his briefs, listens to the diplomats and stays humble.
Lukisan tokoh manusia dari Kalimantan Timur. NB: Tokoh-tokoh manusia, awalnya berwarna merah tua, telah dilacak secara digital untuk memperbesar seni ini. Pindi Setiawan, Author provided

Temuan gua Borneo: apakah gambar cadas tertua di dunia di Asia Tenggara?

Lukisan manusia purba di gua-gua di Kalimantan Timur diyakini sebagai karya seni figuratif tertua di dunia.
It’s not just about the Great Barrier Reef. Queensland’s rainforests - particularly in the mountains - will also change thanks to a warming climate. Shutterstock

Climate change will make QLD’s ecosystems unrecognisable – it’s up to us if we want to stop that

The reality is that without human intervention, ecosystems will reshape themselves in response to climate change. The Queensland government has launched a climate plan for the state's ecosystems.

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