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Are schools the best place to teach life skills? Noor Khamis/Reuters

Kenyan schools reform is a unique chance to rethink life-skills teaching

Thanks to life-skills training, girls who previously believed it improbable that they would go on to secondary school are now allowing themselves to dream about possibilities.
Three more years for Malcolm Turnbull and the Coalition. AAP/David Moir

Election 2016: what will a re-elected Coalition government mean for key policy areas?

What's in store for key policy areas, from health to education to infrastructure to asylum seekers, under a returned Coalition government?
Those teachers who upgraded to an early childhood teaching degree were most likely to leave the profession. from

One in five early childhood educators plan to leave the profession

20% of surveyed early education educators said they want to leave their job due to low pay, volume of paperwork and feeling undervalued.

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