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It takes a while, but most children develop empathy easily. Zurijeta/Shutterstock

How do children learn empathy?

A child mainly learns empathy through imitating adults – yet another reason to treat others well.
Future tennis champion? ‘He walked at eight months, ran at ten months and could catch a ball by the age of one.’ leungchopan

Are children who walk and talk early geniuses in the making?

Milestone charts can be an effective tool in spotting developmental problems. But do they say anything about the future potential of children who are developing normally?
A baby’s first steps, first smile, first roll: what do these mean and why are they important? zgrredek/Flickr

What’s in a milestone? Understanding your child’s development

Childhood achievements such as walking and talking are often celebrated signs that things are going well in a child’s life. But once these achievements start being compared between children, they can become the cause of anxiety.

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