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French activist Thomas Brail occupies a tree on the Boulevard Saint-Germain in protest at a major road development in September 2023. Emily Barritt

Three reasons to support environmental defenders

Protestors’ actions are intentionally borderline but environmental defenders insist their actions are nothing compared to the risks that political inaction pose. Our expert explains.
Solar engineering is designed to reflect some of the Sun’s ray back into space. John Crouch/Moment via Getty Imgaes

Climate engineering carries serious national security risks − countries facing extreme heat may try it anyway, and the world needs to be prepared

The big question: Would climate engineering like sending reflective particles into the stratosphere or brightening clouds help reduce the national security risks of climate change or make them worse?
Existing models have over-estimated the role of north Africa as the primary source of global dust emissions for nearly 30 years. GizemG/Shutterstock

Why we need to rethink what we know about dust

New research reveals our understanding of dust’s role in the environment is far from settled.
Pumpjacks draw out oil and gas from wellheads near Calgary on April 28, 2023. A recent bill proposing a ban on fossil-fuel ads has drawn the ire of the oil and gas industry. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh

Bill C-372: Banning fossil fuel ads does not go far enough

Bill C-372 does not curtail free speech and, if anything, demonstrates how banning fossil fuel ads does not go nearly far enough.
Connecting with the climate risks that could be faced by future generations could influence support for better policies now.

Women favour climate actions that benefit future generations more than men – new study

Attitudes towards climate policies partly depend on a consideration of future, as yet unborn, descendants. Women tended to show more ability to think about how future generations could benefit.
Bringing a diversity of people to the table and giving plenty of opportunities for everyone to have their say is key to ensuring real inclusivity.

White men dominate the environment sector – here’s how to encourage more diverse voices

The environment sector is notoriously dominated by white men. But diverse voices and critical discussions about climate policies are key to making good, inclusive decisions about the future.
Finding Bear by Hannah Gold is a heartwarming adventure story about a girl’s quest to help save a polar bear. Levi Penfold

Five fiction books to inspire climate action

Climate stories that focus on solutions are more likely to inspire positive environmental action.
The number of lawsuits related to climate justice is increasing. chayanuphol/Shutterstock

Three secrets to successful climate litigation

As new climate-related cases are brought to court, our expert outlines key aspects that could change the legal landscape.

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