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Memes will play an important role – and provide some fun – during the London Olympics.

Meme team: Olympic fandom meets the internet

London 2012 is already seeing fierce competition for meme supremacy. Memes, especially in the form of captioned images - or image macros - are an increasingly mainstream form by which people comment on…
Thinking you know every trick in the book doesn’t mean you really do. Don Hawkins

SCAMwatch – a helping hand against online scammers

Crimes of confidence, known as scams, are on the rise. You probably know the basics. The way the most common type of scam works involves you being presented with an offer, product or service for which…
Treats are great to share, provided you have the owner’s permission. Kalexanderson

An invincible file-sharing platform? You can’t be serious

A new version of the peer-to-peer sharing application Tribler has created a buzz online following claims by the software’s lead developer that the app is impervious to attack. In a recent interview with…
What’s mine is yours (until they break down the doors). ryancr

Megaupload martyrdom sparks crisis in the faith of file-sharing

Latest reports suggest all of the data on seized file storage website Megaupload – legal or illegal – could be erased as soon as Thursday. Clearly it’s not great news for the site’s founder Kim Dotcom…
Should the changing face of media be a source of despair or optimism?

The future of news: crowdsourced and connected

To paraphrase Mark Twain, reports of the death of newspapers are somewhat exaggerated. But traditional media is experiencing the “perfect storm” of declining circulations, collapsing advertising revenues…
What if there were an algorithm that could guarantee marketing success? Hanga Girl

How to make a YouTube viral video smash – the ingredients

Creating a 30 second YouTube movie that goes viral is the holy grail of marketing. So how is it done? Ensuring the success of a viral-produced movie is still largely hit-and-miss. Some of the more well-known…
Keep your friends close and your enemies, wherever possible, at bay. Karat

Betrayed? LulzSec arrest over Sony hack reveals trust issues

On September 22, 23-year-old college student Cody Kretsinger was arrested by the FBI for his part in the hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment by the high-profile hacking group LulzSec. The hack resulted…
Are reactions against the infamous hacking group a sign of generational conflict? JacobDavis

Are Anonymous hackers really on trial, or is FBI payback misdirected?

It’s a scene reminiscent of a thousand police dramas: the FBI arrived at the door of 20-year-old journalism student Mercedes Haefer, guns drawn, at 6am one morning last July. She was still in her pyjamas…
There is currently around US$63.6 million of Bitcoin in circulation. Craig A Rodway

Bitcoin: a pirate’s booty or the new global currency?

On July 19, Doctor Nefario, founder of the Global Bitcoin Stock Exchange, arrived at Seattle airport and was asked if he had enough money to cover his stay in the US. He replied that he did, but that it…
A battle is raging over search and serendipity online. AndYaDontStop

Is StumbleUpon trumping Facebook in the internet attention wars?

The latest salvo in the internet attention wars has come in the form of figures from StatCounter. A relatively small content driving service called StumbleUpon drove more than 50% of all social media referral…

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