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Mickael, from Eritrea, sits close to a security fence on the main access route to the ferry harbour terminal in Calais, France. Reuters/Pascal Rossignol

Why helping ‘economic migrants’ may help stop others becoming ‘refugees’

The European obsession with labeling people either economic migrants or refugees hampers understanding of the problems they face. Adding the role remittances play to the debate would help.
Australia’s shared past with Brazil enriches understanding of the two former European colonies. EPA/Antonio Lacerda

I Go to Rio: Australia’s forgotten history with Brazil

The First Fleet had three layovers on its voyage to Australia – one was Rio de Janeiro. As Australia and Brazil celebrate 70 years of diplomatic relations, it's worth remembering this encounter.
A global approach would significantly increase the burden-sharing between the refugee-hosting countries near Syria and the rest of the developed world. Reuters/Stoyan Nenov

Only a global response can solve Europe’s refugee crisis

The size of the refugee crisis stemming from the conflict in Syria means that no single country can deal with it alone.

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