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Sharing election hashtags: Dots are Twitter accounts; lines show retweeting; larger dots are retweeted more. Red dots are likely bots; blue ones are likely humans. Clayton Davis

Misinformation on social media: Can technology save us?

If people can be conned into jeopardizing our children's lives, as they do when they opt out of immunizations, could they also be conned out of democracy?
Anyone can be a reporter for hyperlocal news. Roger H. Goun

As traditional media falters, hyperlocal news is on the up

As an example of mass participatory journalism, where the voices of ordinary citizens are heard as much as public officials or PR professionals, the UK’s hyperlocal news network is second to none. Regional…
Lionel Barber is successfully navigating his paper online despite pressure on all sides. World Economic Forum

The Financial Times deserves high praise for its digital plans

One of the most irritating things about digital journalism evangelists is their lack of respect for editorial leaders who have to take old institutions into the new age. Yes, of course the future is digital…
Online news is great, but you can’t chew it on the train. Arjen Stilklik

New measures of success extend newsprint’s shelf life

Figures published recently suggest that more than 90% of newspaper reading still happens in print. This might come as a surprise given the gloomy assessments often made of the state of print media in the…
Party With Paris … Fairfax broadsheets The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age present a decidedly more tabloid face online. Supplied

Fairfax must take ‘tabloid sites’ upmarket to survive

The radical shift by Fairfax Media to a digital-first model must be accompanied by a sharp improvement in the quality of…

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