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University leaders are determined to improve their responses to students who have experienced sexual assault or harassment on campus. AAP/Paul Miller

Universities Australia to survey prevalence of sexual abuse on campuses

Universities Australia will on Tuesday launch a survey designed to shed light on student experiences of sexual assault and sexual harassment on campus.
Education Minister Simon Birmingham has been consulting extensively on a university policy, but has not yet announced one. Mick Tsikas/AAP

Universities Australia calls for certainty in higher education funding

With the higher education sector still in limbo about the government's plans for it, Universities Australia is calling for certainty and warning of the damage done by the current vacuum.
In the absence of public appetite to invest in public education, a measure of fee deregulation is the only way left to fund education quality to a reasonable standard. AAP/Alan Porritt

Glyn Davis: why I support the deregulation of higher education

Over recent weeks, some staff have written to vice-chancellors, urging them to reject the university deregulation measures advocated by federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne. Public universities…
Should universities stick to higher learning and leave on-the-job training to employers?

Higher education is more than vocational training

Universities Australia recently announced a joint initiative with business groups to get graduates “work ready” through vocational workplace training. This is to be welcomed but it is also to be questioned…
What is it that we’re trying to fix in teacher education? Teacher image from

Teaching standards to fix a ‘crisis’ that doesn’t exist

The past week has been a tumultuous time for university education faculties. First the NSW government announced minimum entry requirements for teaching degrees, and then the federal government trumped…
The Coalition looks set to only tinker around the edges of higher education policy. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

Decoding Tony Abbott’s plans for universities

What should universities expect from a Coalition government if Tony Abbott wins the September election? In his address to the Universities Australia conference in Canberra, the signals were fairly reassuring…
Researchers have welcomed Tony Abbott’s commitment to protect health and medical research funding from budget cuts. AAP/David Crosling

Research sector welcomes the election but wants a focus on productivity

Universities and researchers have broadly welcomed yesterday’s surprise election date announcement, with Universities Australia…
The idea of a universities commission has been floated recently – but is it a good idea? Universities image from

Back to the future: do we need a universities commission?

There’s been a push recently in university circles for a new body to help govern the sector and act as a buffer between the universities and government. Champions of the idea point to the Universities…
Tertiary Education Minister Chris Evans says it’s a “ridiculous proposition” to suggest funding freezes are driving research overseas. AAP

Research funding falls victim to short-term politics

The Federal Government’s freeze on research grants is damaging investment and recruitment by universities, and is part of a broader trend making funding predictability a thing of the past says Universities…

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