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Wall Street Journal editorial board member Mary Kissel is a guest at the Public Knowledge Forum in Sydney. AAP/Alan Porritt

In Conversation with Mary Kissel: full transcript

Andrea Carson: What are you intending to say at the Public Knowledge Forum at Sydney’s Opera House next week? Mary Kissel: I think there is a lot of concern about the decline, or the death, of good quality…
The internet sent newspapers back to the drawing board. Achifaifa

Washington Post sale points to a quality future for newspapers

Perhaps the proverbial tipping point in US print journalism has been reached. With the US$250m acquisition this week of The Washington Post by Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos, the US newspaper…
The leaks made by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden have sparked a debate in America on whether journalists can also be ‘activists’. EPA/The Guardian

Why do so many American ‘journalists’ appear to hate actual journalism?

Why shouldn’t you, Mr Greenwald, be charged with a crime? The question was directed at Glenn Greenwald, the American journalist who broke the story of NSA surveillance using material provided by on-the-lam…
The ‘Islamophobia’-related responses to last week’s Boston bombings have been somewhat measured in comparison to 9/11. EPA/CJ Gunther

Boston bombings: beware the multi-million dollar Islamophobia industry

Local commentators have variously described reactions to the Boston Marathon bombing, which killed three people and injured 183 others, as “restrained”, “refreshingly honest” and wholly different to what…
The Boston Marathon bombings sent shockwaves across the world - how have the American people and the media reacted? EPA/Billie Weiss

Boston Marathon attacks: a very restrained US media and online response

Winters in Boston are bitterly cold and excessively long. So it’s little wonder that residents greet Patriot’s Day – the mid-April, Massachusetts-only holiday marking the Revolutionary battles at Lexington…

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