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Our perceptions influence the type of robots we create. EPA PHOTO/EFE/Columbia TriStar/Robert Zucker

Beyond Terminator: robots deserve ethical treatment too

Dear robots: you have an image problem. Typically cast as either as vicious killing machines, cutesy pets or house slaves, robots are usually depicted in Western media as either something to be feared…
Open-plan layouts showed considerably higher dissatisfaction rates than enclosed office layouts, the data showed. John Blower

Open plan offices attract highest levels of worker dissatisfaction: study

Open plan offices attract the highest levels of worker dissatisfaction, with cramped quarters, lack of privacy and noise topping the list of gripes, a large study has found. An open plan workplace, in…
It’s the end of the runway for Nicole. jaimelondonboy

Nicole Farhi struggles as fashion industry consolidates

High-end fashion label Nicole Farhi has called in the administrators. Restructuring specialists Zolfo Cooper are looking for a buyer, while property consultants are wondering what to do with the firm’s…
The Museum’s actions create the perception that they does not understand, respect or value the design community.

How the Sydney Design festival poster competition went horribly wrong

Each year, Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum commissions one of Australia’s best design studios to create a poster and accompanying marketing material for the Sydney Design festival. This year they went for a…
From hot property to unwanted waste: it’s time to rethink the way we design, produce and reuse new products. Obsolete computer image from

A cooler planet by design

Many of us get frustrated with the slow pace of international action on climate change. But powerless as we feel, we can still make a difference by rethinking the way we design our lives. Design is rarely…
Battle of the smartphones: the Apple iPhone IV and the Samsung Galaxy II . AAP

Spot the difference: brand power and the rise of the copycats

Don’t worry — you’re not seeing double. Everything looks the same … well, certainly in mass market products such as consumer electronics. The high profile litigation between Apple and Samsung is just one…
Australia’s unique manufacturing DNA - comprised of tens of thousands of small-to-medium enterprises - means that we must forge our own path to innovation. DNA Art Online

Finding a unique path for Australia’s manufacturing future

As the manufacturing landscape shifts in response to new economic and social pressures, Australia is looking for an answer to the question: What does the future look like for Australian manufacturing…
Website designers want to woo you, and will use every trick in the book. EF Photography

Trust me, web users … I’m beautiful

Beautiful women make great con people, as do handsome men. Why? Because, for better or worse, we are predisposed to trust beautiful people more than normal-looking folks. But what if we take it one step…
Intelligent walls could soon help you navigate around public transport. Infostructure/Vinh Nguyen

The smart future of public transport

Can you imagine a public transport environment free from the complications of buying a ticket and validating it? What if fare evaders were automatically singled out for their faux pas? Or how about the…

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