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While the Jewish diaspora in Australia has long endorsed the Zionist dream, more recently ‘Ausraelis’ have come to see leaving Israel as an escape. AAP/Dean Lewins

Out of Israel: Ausraelis re-invent the diasporic identity

A new generation of emigrants from Israel to Australia is reversing the Zionist narrative. They have a distinctly different view of the Israeli state from that of older Australian Jewish migrants.
Mishani’s novels centre on rather ordinary Israelis, their ordinary lives and the tragedies that befall them. Thomas Renken

Never read an Israeli crime novel? Try some Dror Mishani

Not every crime novel needs a Jason Bourne. Mishani eschews the obvious world of Mossad agents and terrorist plots you might expect in an Israeli crime novel – and the results are thrilling.
Increased oil and gas revenues amid lifted sanctions are set to raise Iran’s economic fortunes, which ease Middle Eastern tensions. EPA/Abedin Taherkenareh/AAP Image

Energy and economic diplomacy can trump the nuclear ‘threat’ of the Iran deal

Opponents of the Iran nuclear deal say it raises the nuclear weapons threat in the region. But Middle East tensions are actually likely to ease as Iran grows richer without being shackled by sanctions.

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