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Male kangaroos often adopt poses designed to show off their guns. Terry Mercer

Male kangaroos woo mates with bulging biceps

A male kangaroo’s forearm size could be a sexually selected trait and help them find a mate, a new study has found. In fact, male kangaroos frequently adopt poses to show off their muscly arms to females…
An average of three million kangaroos are killed per year for pet meat, meat for human consumption and hides. DarthShrine/Flickr

Australia’s commercial kangaroo industry: hopping to nowhere

Australia’s commercial kangaroo industry is the world’s largest consumptive mammalian wildlife industry. Calculated on a ten-year period, an average of three million adult kangaroos are killed each year…
Rain is encouraging kangaroos to breed, and making farmers nervous. Wombalano

It’s raining kangaroos: the ups and downs of kangaroo management

Spokespeople for the Kangaroo Industry Association of Australia and some other pastoralist organisations, are warning that in the current land of “flooding rain”, landholders will be overwhelmed by burgeoning…
Indigenous people traditionally eat kangaroo, but they’re worried about the scale of the hunting. AAP

Food fight – Aboriginal elders take on the kangaroo industry

Last month, an alliance of Aboriginal elders announced their intention to bring a constitutional law challenge against Australia’s kangaroo industry. The announcement follows efforts by the Federal Government…
Kangaroo populations are robust and abundant. Wombalano/Flickr

From pests to profits: making kangaroos valuable to farmers

The Scottish eat their deer and the South Africans their springbok. Australia’s national icon is gentle on the environment, doesn’t emit methane, is good to eat and could be a great source of income for…

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