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The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, makes a statement at La Moncloa to detail the composition and priorities of the new Executive. Pool Moncloa/José Manuel Álvarez. La Moncloa, Madrid

The four challenges faced by Spain’s new government

Pedro Sánchez faces a series of challenges after his party’s controversial investiture.
The earthquake has damaged many homes in Ijjoukak village, near Marrakech, Morocco. AP Photo/Mosa'ab Elshamy

Marrakech artisans – who have helped rebuild the Moroccan city before – are among those hit hard in the earthquake’s devastation

A scholar who has been working in Marrakech writes about the artisan communities, which have maintained the city’s architectural rich heritage for generations and have been hit hard by the earthquake.
‘For a peseta a drink you can dance all afternoon, even if you wear racket trousers, with a line-up of pretty girls’. Photograph by Contreras y Vilaseca illustrating a news item about dances in the magazine ‘Estampa’ of 31 July 1928. Hemeroteca Digital / BNE

Wild times in Madrid’s roaring 20s: how Spain’s youth partied hard before Franco took away their dance halls

Let’s take a walk around Madrid a hundred years ago and meet the discotheques, pubs and unrestrained dancing of the roaring twenties.

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