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Trade unions in Mozambique have been weakened due to their proximity to the ruling party, Frelimo. Photo by Gianluigi Guercia/AFP via Getty Images

Mozambican unions hit snooze on a national strike

Mozambique’s trade unions have not been a strong force in society – which has left a space for others to fill.
Breakdown in local canal that led to micro-drought situation in Humpata (Huíla). Ruy Blanes

How not to respond to drought: lessons from Angola

Despite international and national responses to the drought, the situation is dire. The government’s response is a lesson in how not to deal with drought.
A UN peacekeeper on patrol as a resident gathers wood in the Beni region of eastern DRC in 2014. UN Photo/Sylvain Liechti

Sexual exploitation by UN peacekeepers in DRC

DRC has the highest number of allegations of sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers – yet no systematic research on the claims of their abandoned children has existed until now.