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Health beyond the horizon

An introduction to the world’s leading cause of death… Largely misunderstood

This week, the eyes and ears of much of the world once again focus on Geneva for the 66th World Health Assembly. The annual, global meeting of Ministers of Health held at the World Health Organization headquarters.

US Mission Geneva

Expected to be high on the agenda, reflecting their large and growing burden, are Non-Communicable Diseases - or NCDs.

But what are NCDs?

A group of diseases defined by what they are not? Sounds jargonistic and biomedical - right?

Well they don’t need to be.

Here is a short presentation I put together for a group of Masters students at the University of Copenhagen - but I wanted to share it with you too.

Because after all, discussion in Geneva is great, but it is only through society-wide knowledge and action, that this enormous global challenge will be overcome.


For live updates from the World Health Assembly, follow #WHA66 on Twitter.

Connect with me on Twitter via @sandrodemaio.

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