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As 2017 fast approaches, maybe it’s time for a bitter breakup with some things sweet. Pixabay

Seven essential tips to breaking up with sugar

New Year’s approaching and your resolutions are brewing; why not make 2017 more sweet but with less sugar. Evidence-based and health-driven, here are Sandro’s 7 helpful tips to breaking up with sugar.
Obesity: the challenges faced today will just make reaching that finish line tomorrow, all the more sweet. Flickr / Krieg

Three important wins for addressing obesity

In the month that made us rethink, Sandro outlines three great news stories in our fight on obesity.
This month, at tables across the planet, millennials are feasting on gamechanging ideas for a healthier future.

Feasting for our future as millennials table solutions

This week, I had the pleasure of sitting with Jessica Renzella - an Australian PhD student with Oxford University and a budding global health shaper. She told me about a new social campaign she’s leading…
A can of regular soft drink contains 39 grams of total sugar, which is about 9 1/3 teaspoons of sugar and more than the recommended daily healthy limit for adults. Flickr / Shardayyy and WHO

Sugar tax is not nanny state, it’s sound public policy

Since Mexico introduced a 10% “tax” on sugar-sweetened beverages in 2014, global political momentum for this form of fiscal policy has been building. Societal interest and support have also grown. Taking…
Jamie Oliver and Femi Oke at the EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2016.

Four game-changing ideas from Eating in Stockholm

Just two weeks ago today, I was leaving one of the most enormous feasts of my lifetime. Engorged and almost bursting, I was finishing a two-day Nordic intellectual smörgåsbord at the 2016 EAT Stockholm…
World map of Energy consumption Wikimedia

Six reasons why food is a really big deal

It’s easy to forget the power of what is on our dinner plate. Let me share with you just six reasons why food offers a world of opportunities, and solutions.
Flickr CC / Thomas Rousing

5 Food Year’s Resolutions for 2016

As 2015 closes, it is easy to feel daunted by the future - even overwhelmed. In a year that saw the world pass the historic 400PPM of atmospheric carbon for the first time in a long time, and with global…

Now is the time for change – will you join our table?

How do we bring all communities together and re-start difficult conversations about our biggest collective challenges? At 7pm on Friday 11 December, our global community will have either closed the momentous…