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Pope Francis is yet to walk among, and embrace, the victims who have suffered at the hands of his brother priests. Tiziana Fabi/EPA

A cool change, but what has Pope Francis actually achieved?

A year ago this week, the ageing, doctrinaire and aristocratic Pope, Benedict XVI, shocked keen Vatican watchers and the public alike by his sudden resignation. Few were prepared for the shockwaves that…
There were disturbances in Sydney over the weekend in response to a movie portraying Muhammad. AAP/Louis Allen

Sydney riots: Muslim responses to provocation must be more considered

News of the movie “Innocence of Muslims” and the dissemination of its clips on YouTube have inflamed emotions across the Muslim world. It triggered a spate of violent demonstrations, including an attack…

Faith in God increases with age

Belief in god is higher among the elderly regardless of where they live, according to a new international study. The research…

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