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Forex traders who went to the dark side could soon be forced to face the consequences. Justin Lane/EPA/AAP

Explainer: how bankers fixed forex trades and why it’s criminal

“Oh what a tangled web we weave. When first we practice to deceive”. Sir Walter Scott’s comment could have been made about the LIBOR and foreign exchange (forex) scandals engulfing the world’s largest…
How much for a dollar? EPA

A centralised currency exchange will stop forex rigging

Politicians and regulators in charge of our foreign currency markets can’t see the wood for the trees. Even the banks themselves recognise allegations the world’s largest financial market has been rigged…
Small changes to currency can have a big impact. @Doug88888

If foreign exchange markets are rigged, the solution is simple

In the latest big scandal to hit the banking sector, regulators around the world are investigating whether foreign exchange markets have been rigged. At least seven major banks have been caught up in the…

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