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While small and medium companies, public research institutions and universities assume the risks of innovation, large corporations capture the profits that flow from it. hyoin min/Flickr

Profiting from the innovation of others? Why governments must manage the spoils of new ideas

Some large multinational firms have been very successful in positioning themselves at strategic points in global markets that enable them to capture the profits from the innovation of others.
The iPhone is a good example of an entire industry built on the back of publicly funded research outcomes. The ‘iPhone fish’ is designed to teach people healthy eating through portion size control. Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

There is no easy way to measure the impact of university research on society

Publicly-funded research should contribute to society in some way. But we need to think carefully about how we create a system that allows us to measure the impact of research.
International experience highlights five areas that present profitable lessons for Australia. Martin Fisch/Flickr

Five things about innovation Australia can learn from other countries

More than 60 Australian government reports have identified direction, planning and leadership as keys to creating an innovative nation. Here's five things other countries have done to lead the way.
Without innovation in the agricultural sector, we’d only be able to feed, say, one billion people out of the current seven. ProFlowers/Flickr.

What is innovation anyway, and why should you care about it?

Since becoming prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull has been talking about the importance of innovation. This is what he's referring to.
Science is key to creating a more innovative nation.

Five ways science can lead the innovation debate

Through creating entrepreneurs and boosting global collaboration, science has the potential to drive economic growth and innovation – if only the government would properly fund it.
We need researchers to collaborate with industry if we’re to be an innovation nation. Shutterstock

The ‘lucky country’ needs to be re-invented

An emphasis on innovation is great, but we need genuine reforms to universities and tax incentives if we're to promote collaboration between research and industry.

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