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Those who want to work longer should be given the option to, McKeon argues.

Business Briefing: Simon McKeon on removing the retirement label

Business Briefing: Simon McKeon on removing the retirement label. The Conversation16.3 MB (download)

Former Treasurer Joe Hockey did not get a warm reception when he confirmed the retirement age would increase to 70 by 2035. But Monash University Chancellor Simon McKeon thinks its not such a bad thing.

He argues if Australians are productive well into their later lives, why should they be stuck with a label of being incapable of working past a certain age? After all, older age is a meaningful part of many people’s lives.

McKeon says business, government and not-for-profit all need to take a different view of the usefulness of older people. The changing nature of jobs, including a bigger role for technology, shouldn’t be an excuse not employ older workers.

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