Business Briefing

The Conversation editors, Jenni Henderson and Josh Nicholas, delve into a new topic every week, unearthing the latest business and economic analysis from our best academics. (37 episodes)

Change Agents

Change Agents is about the art of change and the people who make it happen. It focuses on real and recent case studies where often ordinary people have brought about profound social, political, cultural… (7 episodes)

Essays On Air

Join us as we read aloud fascinating, meticulously researched essays penned by academics who are experts in their fields. (16 episodes)

Media Files

Media Files is produced by a team of journalist/academics who have spent decades working in and reporting on the media industry. They’re passionate about sharing their understanding of the media landscape… (7 episodes)

Politics with Michelle Grattan

Michelle Grattan, Chief Political Correspondent at The Conversation, talks politics with politicians and experts. (170 episodes)

Race to the White House

Race to the White House covers everything you need to know about the 2016 US elections and dives deep into the people, policy and political manoeuvres that will decide who becomes the 45th President of… (10 episodes)

Speaking with...

Ideas and analysis from the sharpest minds in the academic and research world. (73 episodes)

Trust Me, I'm An Expert

Each month, The Conversation's editors bring you the most fascinating, surprising stories from the academic world. We're asking the experts to bust the myths, explain the science and put the news headlines… (16 episodes)

International podcasts

Introducing The Conversation Africa's new podcast - Pasha

Welcome to Pasha, The Conversation Africa’s brand new podcast. In the spirit of The Conversation, Pasha – which means to inform in Swahili – will be bringing you some of the best and brightest research… (0 episodes)

Election Weekly from The Conversation UK

Two academic experts join The Conversation's politics editor, Laura Hood to discuss the key election issues. We’ll of course be talking about Brexit, but we also want to get to grips with the kinds of… (6 episodes)

In Depth, Out Loud

A selection of long form stories written by academic experts for The Conversation UK and read out loud for your listening pleasure. (14 episodes)

The Anthill

Unearthing stories from the world of academia. (33 episodes)

Heat and Light

1968 was a year of huge social upheaval for the United States. Heat and Light goes deep into six key but lesser known stories from that year, guided by people who were personally affected by them. So much… (8 episodes)

Conversation express

Chaque semaine, la rédaction de The Conversation va à la rencontre d’un spécialiste pour éclairer une question d’actualité. (34 episodes)

Fête de la Science

Ce podcast est réalisé dans le cadre de la Fête de la Science 2017, qui se tient du 7 au 15 octobre, et dont The Conversation France est partenaire. Retrouvez tous les débats et les événements de votre… (15 episodes)

L’arbre et la pomme

Coproduite et réalisée chaque mois avec Moustic the Audio Agency, cette émission à trois voix donne la parole à trois chercheurs spécialistes d’un thème. (13 episodes)

La tête dans le cerveau

La Tête Dans Le Cerveau est une chronique hebdomadaire qui à travers l'actualité de la recherche scientifique, des études de cas surprenantes et des histoires fascinantes invite à découvrir les mystères… (27 episodes)

Sains Sekitar Kita

Sains punya peranan—dan penjelasan—dalam hampir setiap hal di hidup kita. Dengarkan Sains Sekitar Kita dan tambah wawasan Anda mengenai sains, mulai dari soal perubahan iklim hingga apa yang terjadi saat… (35 episodes)