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New housing finance is now contracting quickly. AAP/Mick Tsikas

Australia’s housing finance in seven charts

Where investment loans were the fastest growing category of housing finance at the end of 2015, it is now the leading area of contraction.
The “Spring bounce” is an artefact of inadequate statistical modelling. AAP/Paul Miller

Spring selling season and other gimmicks

In the next couple of weeks you’ll start to see all the signs of the change of season. Like many Sydneysiders, I’m looking forward to the longer hours of sunshine and flowers blossoming. Inevitably, and…
Joseph Younis/Flickr

Hot air but no bubble following RBA rate cut

The move by the RBA to a record-low 2.25% cash rate at its first meeting for 2015 has unsurprisingly reignited speculation of a “turbo-charged” bubble in Sydney’s house prices. In actuality, the rate cut…