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The age of us

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Making waves: the pope in Saint Peter’s square at the Vatican City earlier this month. Giampiero Sposito/Reuters

Pope Francis climate advocate: reframing the debate

Warning of “unprecedented destruction of the ecosystem,” Pope Francis in an encyclical to be released this week (and already leaked) calls for aggressive action to combat climate change and other environmental…
On climate change and other environmental problems, students would benefit from engaging with a greater diversity of ideas and perspectives, conclude the authors of a new study. S. McClanahan/flickr

A call for greater diversity of thought in environmental studies courses

Even before Jacqueline Ho enrolled in her first environmental studies course at college, her thinking about climate change had been shaped during her years growing up in Singapore reading books by the…
Workshops that teach scientists about public communication and advocacy are growing in popularity. Career ambition rather than politics appears to be a main motivation behind scientists’ desire to engage the public. SISSA

Inside America’s science lobby: What motivates AAAS members to engage the public?

At their annual meetings last month, leaders of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) urged their members to advocate on behalf of federal funding for scientific research, actions…
On climate change and other environmental problems, the humanities, creative arts, and media professions are a key resource for generating critical understanding, inspiration, and collaboration. The Dawn of the Anthropocene -- New York City, September 2014.-- L. Reese

Universities in the Anthropocene: engaging students and communities

There is a growing movement among writers, scientists, and scholars to pin a new label on our modern era. According to these thinkers, pressing environmental problems like climate change are a sign that…
At UN climate change negotiations, human rights issues are increasingly the focus.

Talking climate change in Lima: who is pushing for what

Senior officials representing nearly 200 countries gather in Lima, Peru this week for the final stages of United Nations-led climate change talks. The meetings, which began December 1, are intended to…
MSNBC and Fox News skew perceptions, promote polarization. MSNBC 1/31/2014

Keystone falls short in Senate, cable news battle continues

In the U.S. Senate Tuesday evening, supporters of the Keystone XL oil pipeline failed by a single vote to pass a bill approving the project. The controversial pipeline is intended to link the Alberta oil…
By prioritizing economic growth and the fossil fuel industry over environmental protection, Australian PM Tony Abbott and Canadian PM Stephen Harper are a formidable barrier to a global climate deal. Office of Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper

Making change happen in G20 climate talks: Beijing pact not enough

Having reached a landmark agreement with China this week to limit greenhouse gas emissions, US president Barack Obama heads to Australia for the G20 summit of economic superpowers. The China deal will…