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Two Australians, Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, are edging closer to death by firing squad in Indonesia. EPA/Made Nagi

Ticking down to a possible date with executioners

Tick tick tick. Ticking down. Inexorably. To a designated time when I will be blindfolded in a white shirt with a reflective tag over my heart. I will be given three minutes to “calm down”, and have a…
AAP/Stefan Postles

Rights to bigotry and green lights to hate

Poor George Brandis. Our Attorney-General seems to have wedged himself on the issue of racial vilification. Soon after the election of the Abbott government, Senator Brandis defiantly declared that repeal…
AAP/Quentin Jones

The Biennale boycott blues

The Sydney Biennale has commenced after weeks of controversy over the severing of its relationship with Transfield, the company that runs the detention centre in Nauru and which will take over the one…

Public servants and free speech

On Monday, August 13, Canberra public servant Michaela Banerji lost a case in the Federal Circuit Court before Judge Neville, which has paved the way for her possible dismissal from the Department of Immigration…

The PNG solution: cruel to be … cruel

Much of the criticism of the PNG solution has focused on apparent inadequacies in PNG laws, economy, and infrastructure in settling refugees, and its crime rate. But let us be clear. The PNG solution is…