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Donate to The Conversation – and help us democratise knowledge

The Conversation was established as a charity in the UK six years ago. Its purpose? To provide the public with trustworthy and accessible expert analysis and research-based news. It was, and is, fundamentally about democratising knowledge. Today, we’re asking you to support that mission.

Terms such as “alternative facts” and “fake news” have become well known over the past few years. Meanwhile, The Conversation has forged a unique new form of journalism that is grounded in academic expertise.

But what makes it different? Well, for a start, how we produce our content. All of it is sourced from academic experts. They are the cornerstone of our journalism. Those experts are paired with professional editors and together they hone articles and podcasts that exist purely to provide insight and explanation for readers – not to generate profit.

That content, which will always be free to read and free for others to republish through Creative Commons, is having an impact across the world. Thanks to our network of eight editions in four languages, every month our authors’ work is viewed more than 40 million times in a vast range of internationally-renowned publications. They are regularly cited in national parliaments and at global events. Meanwhile, in classrooms, our Curious Kids articles are reaching out to the planet’s children.

Of course, all of this costs money. We remain not-for-profit and a registered charity in the UK. Our member universities, who we work closely with, provide annual fees which allow the core operation to function. But to keep going and, hopefully, to expand what we hope you feel is a valuable project in difficult times, we need increased funding.

So today, on behalf of The Conversation team in the UK, I am asking you to invest in us. Help us keep facts and expertise freely available by making a donation.

And please share this message with a friend, family member or colleague. By forwarding the email and suggesting they sign up for our daily updates you are helping the voice of academic expertise reach an even wider audience.

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