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Don’t be misled: sign up for GetFacts

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It’s no simple task sifting through news and sorting the evidence-based from the exaggerated. That’s why we’ve set up a newsletter that alerts you to just that.

GetFacts delivers evidence-based clarification about misleading claims straight from the expert’s mouth (and dataset) straight to your inbox. If there’s a certain claim, quote, fact or headline floating around that isn’t 100% correct, we’ll let you know what the research actually says.

For example…

Remember the headlines about how Vitamin B3 could have “extraordinary” effect on decreasing the chance of miscarriage?

Well, we pumped the brakes on this pretty hard.

While it was an interesting study and one that made for a great headline, the researchers didn’t actually give vitamin B3 to any humans.

So, no, vitamin B3 wasn’t proven to prevent miscarriages and birth defects - you can read the full article on that piece here.

Unlike the daily or weekly newsletter and FactChecks, our GetFacts email will be running on an ad hoc basis. It will come to you as an alert, with a concise breakdown of the information rather than a full article - great for those of you without the time to read all the news.

When there’s something in the news we think is questionable, we’ll do the hard yards, see how the evidence stacks up and let you know the verdict.

Sound like something you’re interested in? Great! Subscribe now to GetFacts and receive alerts about misleading claims making the news.

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