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Do dollhouses possess the potential to inspire young girls to design and build? Kosamtu via Getty Images

A Barbie dollhouse and a field trip led me to become an architect − now I lead a program that teaches architecture to mostly young women in South Central Los Angeles

Women are underrepresented in architecture, occupying just 25% of jobs in the field. An architecture professor shares insights from her childhood on how those numbers can be turned around.
Professors have lower academic expectations of Black college athletes compared with white college athletes, a study found. supersizer/E+ Collection/Getty Images

How Black male college athletes deal with anti-Black stereotypes on campus

Black male athletes at Division I schools say they alter their speech, dress and other behaviors to gain acceptance in mostly white academic and athletic settings.
The practice draws different reactions depending on who does it. krisanapong detraphiphat via Getty Images

Plagiarism is not always easy to define or detect

About two-thirds of students admit to plagiarizing material. Faculty are expected to know better, but they do it, too. How should universities respond?

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