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Tony Abbott has tough decisions to make on workplace reform before the next election. AAP

A return to WorkChoices: Why is business trying to hammer it home?

In one of the most significant moments of the 2010 federal election campaign, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott declared the Coalition’s unpopular WorkChoices policy “dead, buried, cremated.” In an interview…
Equal pay is a test case for employers, who frequently appear not to recognise gender pay disparity. AAP

Why the gender pay gap remains invisible for employers

Last week’s Equal Pay Day highlighted the fact that despite decades of supposed reform, women’s average full-time weekly earnings remains 17.2% below men. Is this obvious to our employers? Worryingly…
New research suggests a bit of clutter actually helps us be more productive. Flickr/Maggiejumps

Mess or nest: do clean desk policies really help us work better?

BHP copped a fair amount of flak for a leaked memo which outlined its daunting list of rules about employee behaviours. BHP’s “office environment standard” reportedly includes making staff remove post-it…
Few in the Liberal party are keen to see a potentially damaging return to the workplace debate. AAP

Party turmoil takes Reith off old Liberal wounds

With political debate dominated by carbon and mining taxes, the recent stirrings by Peter Reith about industrial relations may have come as a bit of a surprise – out of left field, if you will excuse the…

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