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Dramatic, but not apocalyptic. Stanimir G Stoev

Fact over fiction on the ‘apocalyptic’ super blood moon

A rare super blood moon visible from parts of the Earth this month will delight those people lucky enough to see it. But why has this marvel of the solar system got some people so worried?
Literary critical terms and theories have been adopted by education institutions as a way to provoke thought on the relationship between humans and the environment. Thomas Bristow

Ecocriticism: environment, emotions and education

How can art and literature help us imagine a climate-changed world? In 1995, ecocritic Lawrence Buell argued that apocalypse is the single most powerful master metaphor that environmentalism has at its…
Jaden Smith stars with his father Will in After Earth, yet another end of the world movie. Columbia Pictures

Apocalypse Now: why the movies want the world to end every year

The last few years have begun with predictions of the Apocalypse hanging over us. The Rapture was supposed to come in 2011, with US preacher Harold Camping first saying it would come in May then readjusting…
You may want to start hoarding supplies and making your end of world plans now – before it’s too late. Flickr/Necromundo

2012 cometh: how to prepare for the apocalypse

If you believe the doomsayers, the human race is not long for this earth. By the end of this year, our number will be up: the four horseman of the apocalypse will be upon us, fire will rain from the skies…

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