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Eating less animal proteins may help reduce the risk of future zoonotic viruses. (AP Photo/Seth Perlman)

How plant-based diets could help prevent the next COVID-19

Pandemic viruses arise from raising, harvesting and eating animals. Policy strategy for averting the next pandemic should include supporting those already seeking to make plant-based dietary changes.
Does being told that a veggie burger, like the one on the right, is better for the environment make you more likely to choose it over beef? AP Photo/Nati Harnik

Taste alone won’t persuade Americans to swap out beef for plant-based burgers

New research shows that consumers are more likely to choose a plant-based meat option if they’re informed of their social benefits – or the environmental costs of beef consumption.
From food to friend. WathanyuSowong/Shutterstock

Nudging meat off the menu

The world is coming round to meat alternatives, but we need to speed the process up for the sake of the environment.

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