A villager in Papua carries a baby across a river. Indigenous people in Indonesia and Australia value the importance of community and a wide circle of carers in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life. www.shutterstock.com

‘It takes a village to raise a child’

Ephraim Escudero’s child holds a photo near by his memorial. The father of two was murdered in the brutal drug war of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte. Sheerah Escudero

The brutal personal costs of the Philippines’ human rights abuses

From the war on drugs to a crackdown on human rights and environmental activists, life for Filipinos is increasingly nightmarish.
The Blood Moon from January 31, 2018. Our second chance to see an eclipsed Moon this year is coming up on July 28. Martin George

Blood Moon

It’s a busy night sky this July, so make sure you look up

All five five planets visible to the naked-eye are on show in the night skies over Australia, and a Blood Moon on the way too.
Protesters in Malang, East Java, demonstrate against vote buying during the 2014 national election campaign. H Prabowo/CrowdSpark

Election 2019

A third of Indonesian voters bribed during election – how and why

Vote buying is deeply rooted in Indonesia despite opposition from the society and the fact that the proportion of votes influenced is fairly small.
In the medical culture of the Bugis and Makassar peoples in Indonesia the word koroq means that the penis is actually shrinking, or retracting, but the Dutch in the 19th-century East Indies did not believe it was real. shutterstock


Is shrinking penis syndrome a delusion or a real thing?

Koro is widely believed to be a culturally localised delusion. But a theory that it's a fight-or-flight reflex might be corroborated by studying traditional healing treatments in Indonesia.
More than 250,000 people took to the streets in a 2016 protest organised by hardline Muslim groups against Jakarta’s Christian mayor. Lauren Farrow/AAP


Is Indonesia retreating from democracy?

Indonesia has long been held up as a model of democratic transition in the Muslim world. This view of the country now needs rethinking.
It is important to encourage children to learn English as long as they already master their mother tongue. www.shutterstock.com


Now or later: when should children learn English?

Early exposure to a second (foreign) language will not disturb the children's language development. Some myths have been explained.
Former Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak is greeted by his supporters as he leaves the Kuala Lumpur High Court. AAP/Ahmad Yusni


What’s next for Najib Razak, Malaysia’s disgraced former prime minister?

Malaysia's former leader is facing charges related to a wide-ranging financial scandal. The new government is sending a message that it's serious about cleaning up corruption.

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