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Romantic comedies, Japanese reality television and New Zealand true crime: the best of streaming this September

Our experts bring you the best new shows, films and seasons. From comedy to reality television to crime drama, we hope you’ll find your new streaming favourite here.
The ABC, known for innovating in digital media, is facing increasing budget pressure. Sarah_Ackerman/Flickr

ABC budget cuts will hit media innovation

Of the many media organisations making the transition towards digital, the ABC is one of the most advanced. So in the face of a $254 million budget, or “back offices” cut, as Communications Minister Malcolm…
Maybe we should toast the ABC’s strategy for the digital age. Constance Wiebrands

Crunch time: is the ABC really spread too thinly?

If you want to capture a lasting image of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation at the height of its powers, it might be a good idea to take a screen-shot of the homepage of the ABC’s website. But do…
The ABC has claimed a mobile application called Python I-View contravenes its terms of use - but what are the copyright implications? AAP

Python-iView: copyright crusader or vigilante operative?

The ABC recently raised eyebrows when it wrote a cease-and-desist letter to Python i-View, a mobile application which allowed viewers of ABC’s popular iview to download and playback its content later on…
The ABC has stepped in to defend the rights of licensing partners by shutting down a popular third-party application. AAP/ABC

ABC embroiled in copyright debate over iview

The ABC has found itself caught up in a copyright debate after it forced the removal of an application that enabled people to download and watch programs offered on its iview service. The Python-iview…

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