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Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI)

The Africa Health Research Institute’s vision is optimal health and well-being of under-resourced populations.

The Africa Health Research Institute (AHRI) is an independent, transdisciplinary scientific research institute based across two campuses in the province of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) in South Africa.

AHRI’s research combines population, basic, social, and medical sciences to understand and intervene in the health and well-being of South African communities.

AHRI works in partnership with local communities and South African academic, governmental and other policy stakeholders. We emphasise training of the next generation of African scientists. AHRI collaborates with over 60 institutions globally.

The work lives of AHRI’s ~500 scientists, students and staff members are driven by our values: ubuntu, transformation, leadership, innovation, excellence and collaboration.


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Of the more than 1.6 million TB deaths recorded every year, more than 75,000 are in South Africa alone. Noah Seelam/AFP via Getty Images

How COVID-19 threatens to undo years of progress in TB control

Progress against tuberculosis has long been inadequate to reach the target of elimination by 2030. But before the COVID-19 pandemic the world was making steady progress in diagnosing and treating TB.
Healthcare worker, Boitsholo Mfolo, inside the digital x-ray truck at one of Africa Health Research Institute’s mobile screening camps in rural KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Samora Chapman/ Africa Health Research Institute

Study shows a huge burden of undiagnosed disease in a rural South African district

South Africa needs a public health response that expands the successes of the country’s HIV testing and treatment programme to provide care for multiple diseases.
Personal sanitario y pacientes en la zona exterior temporal del Hospital Académico Steve Biko creada para analizar y tratar los casos sospechosos de la covid-19 en Pretoria. Alet Pretorius/Gallo Images via Getty Images

Los científicos sudafricanos que detectaron la nueva variante de covid-19 comparten sus hallazgos

Los expertos han observado que la 501Y.V2 se ha convertido rápidamente en dominante entre el resto de variantes que circulan entre la población en Sudáfrica.
Health care workers and patients in the temporary outside area Steve Biko Academic Hospital created to screen and treat suspected Covid-19 cases in Pretoria. Alet Pretorius/Gallo Images via Getty Images

South African scientists who discovered new COVID-19 variant share what they know

Scientists have observed that 501Y.V2 has quickly become “dominant” among multiple variants that have been circulating in the South African population.


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