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After taking a pandemic-induced hiatus in 2020, Lollapalooza returned to Chicago in summer 2021. Michael Hickey/Getty Images

What’s behind the magic of live music?

Some concertgoers reported being so moved by their first concerts in nearly two years that they wept with joy – a testament to the power of this unique form of human communion and connection.
Rising global temperatures are increasing heat risks for outdoor workers and the urban poor. Ahmad Al-Rubaye/AFP via Getty Images

Dangerous urban heat exposure has tripled since the 1980s, with the poor most at risk

Hot, humid population centers are becoming epicenters of heat risk as climate changes worsens. It’s calling into question the conventional wisdom that urbanization uniformly reduces poverty.
A Syrian refugee mother and her son attend an announcement in 2015 about a building being constructed to house and aid refugees, which opened a year later in Vancouver. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck

How a tool called Pairity is using data to gauge community support for refugees

Favourable public opinion helps create political will to increase resettlement and alleviate the global refugee crisis. A new tool could help build supportive social networks for refugees.
Un homme surveille le bétail et le ciel dans un champ dans le district de Kilosa, en Tanzanie, le 15 mars 2017. Daniel Hayduk/AFP

La nécessaire préservation des savoirs météorologiques traditionnels en Afrique

Combiner les savoirs traditionnels de certaines sociétés d’Afrique subsahariennne avec la météorologie scientifique moderne peut être d’une grande utilité pour l’agriculture du continent.
Medical breakthroughs like the COVID-19 vaccines need to be matched with programs that tackle health inequality. John Cherry/Stringer via Getty

A medical moonshot would help fix inequality in American health care

Medical innovations paired with innovative programs to get them to Black, Indigenous and Hispanic Americans can help close the health inequality gap.
Les acteurs du monde de la finance doutent encore des avantages offerts par ces titres au processus d’acquisition complexe.

Comment les obligations vertes peuvent-elles gagner en légitimité ?

Manque de standardisation, « greenwashing », incertitudes… Comprendre les obstacles rencontrés par ce marché permet de penser un effort coordonné impliquant tous les acteurs politiques et financiers.
An almost-dry dam, surrounded by wheat fields, in WA’s wheatbelt region. Shutterstock

We found a secret history of megadroughts written in tree rings. The wheatbelt’s future may be drier than we thought

Our research found that in 700 years, the 20th century was the wheatbelt’s wettest. This means all our drought predictions are skewed.
La donne a changé et le déploiement mondial, même réussi, des vaccins actuels ne garantit plus la victoire. Daniel Cole/AP

Les vaccins ne suffiront pas contre les variants. Il faut une stratégie mondiale de « suppression maximale » du virus

Les variants ont changé la donne. Nous devons agir en conséquence pour éviter de nouvelles vagues d’infections, de nouvelles fermetures, restrictions, hospitalisations et décès évitables.
Daniel Cole/AP

New COVID variants have changed the game, and vaccines will not be enough. We need global ‘maximum suppression’

COVID-19 variants of concern have changed the game. We need to recognise and act on this to avoid future waves of infections, yet more lockdowns and restrictions, and avoidable illness and death.


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