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It has long been recognised that mental disorders can run in families. And often members of such families differ in their symptoms. Getty Images

Massive project on African DNA sets out to close the knowledge gap on mental illness

Research on the genetic basis of mental illness has so far largely excluded anyone who is not of European heritage.
Il existe une longue histoire de liens entre les mouvements nationalistes blancs et l'armée américaine. Bo Zaunders/Corbis Documentary via Getty Images

L’armée américaine : vivier du suprémacisme blanc ?

Si la plupart des Américains sous-estiment la place qu’occupe le suprémacisme blanc dans l’armée, ils s’en inquiètent quand on leur en apporte la preuve.
Professor Christian Happi, director of the African Centre of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious Diseases, displays one of the most advanced automated acid extractors being used in the laboratory. Pius Utomi Ekpei/AFP via Getty Images

Nigeria needs innovation and science investment to help control COVID-19

To effectively control COVID-19 and prevent a future pandemic, Nigeria needs to start investing heavily in science research.
Cinta Arribas / SINC

Diez ideas para mejorar la comunicación entre ciencia y política

En España, el asesoramiento científico legislativo permanente es una tarea aún pendiente. Estas ideas pretenden mejorar la comunicación entre dos mundos destinados a entenderse.
Home health worker Mass Joof adjusts the pillow for Eric McGuire in Franklin, Mass., on March 25, 2020. Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

How coronavirus could forever change home health care, leaving vulnerable older adults without care and overburdening caregivers

Home health care is a much trickier question after COVID-19, and that becomes an issue for millions of older people who rely on home health care, as well as the workers who care for them.
U.S. Air Force troops erected a temporary hospital in Liberia in 2014 to help fight an Ebola outbreak. John Moore/Getty Images

How the US military could help fight the coronavirus outbreak

There is plenty the military could do to help protect public health, such as by helping with supply logistics and providing workers to do important tasks – including health care professionals.
Écoutez l’avis des couples âgés qui savent comment bien faire les choses. Geber86/E+ via Getty Images

À la maison avec votre conjoint ? Inspirez-vous des retraités !

Il existe des similitudes importantes entre la retraite et l’isolement qu’engendre la distanciation sociale. Les couples nouvellement confinés doivent s'inspirer de l'expérience des plus âgés.


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