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Hertie School

The Hertie School is a private university based in Berlin, Germany, accredited by the state and the German Science Council. It prepares exceptional students for leadership positions in government, business and civil society. Interdisciplinary and practice-oriented teaching, first-class research and an extensive international network set the Hertie School apart and position it as an ambassador of good governance, characterised by public debate and engagement. Our motto is “Understand today. Shape tomorrow”.

The Hertie School was formally founded as a private, non-profit institution in December 2003 by the Hertie Foundation, thereby becoming the first professional school for public policy in Germany.

Offering programmes that emphasised academic excellence and practical orientation in the reunified capital of Berlin, the Hertie School was, from its start, a unique educational institution in Germany.

The school began by organising panels, symposia and discussions as well as providing a platform for policymakers, professionals and practitioners from the media, NGOs and business to engage with academia.


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