Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey

Since its foundation, Tecnológico de Monterrey has lived a continuous innovation process to respond to the educational demands that emerge from social, economical, scientific, labor and technological changes, and to the challenges that the country development faces. We invite you to know more about this educational institution.


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Technology can help workers in many ways. Romero, Stahre, Wuest, et al.

Introducing ‘Operator 4.0,’ a tech-augmented human worker

People will still be needed on factory floors, even as robots become more common. Future operators will have technical support and be super-strong, super-smart and constantly connected.
Le smog plane au-dessus de la capitale mexicaine. ilai/Flickr

La corruption, facteur aggravant de la pollution de l’air à Mexico

Touchée par une grave crise environnementale au printemps 2016, la capitale mexicaine cherche des solutions du côté de la circulation alternée, mais se heurte au détournement de ses initiatives.
Smog over Mexico City: bad air quality has led to limits on when people can drive their cars in the city. ilai/flickr

How corruption is hurting Mexico City’s efforts to tackle air pollution

Mexico City is suffering through an air quality crisis this spring, but institutional corruption is making the proposed solution – restricting car usage – ineffective.

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