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Linnaeus University

Linnaeus University is one of Sweden’s newest higher education institutions. The university was formed when the University of Kalmar and Växjö University merged in 2010. So Linnaeus University is certainly not the country’s oldest university. But perhaps this makes us one of the most modern, characterized by new thinking.

Exactly like Carl Linnaeus himself, we have high ambitions and are not easily contented. We are a young university, full of curiosity, and we aim for a distinct and strong position in society. It goes without saying that our education and research shall positively affect and stimulate the region’s development. At the same time, we work to ensure that each individual student and researcher is given the opportunity to grow and reach their goals.

Studenter på föreläsningLinnaeus University is located in Kalmar and Växjö.


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Le mémorial de la paix d'Hiroshima, connu sous le nom de dôme Genbaku, est l'une des rares structures ayant survécu à la bombe atomique qui a frappé la ville en 1945. Ses ruines témoignent de la mort de 140 000 personnes. Metrotrekker

La conservation du patrimoine face aux défis d’un monde en mutation

Dans le demi-siècle à venir, l’Unesco gagnerait à imaginer et mettre en œuvre des stratégies prometteuses qui répondent aux besoins des générations futures.
Hiroshima Peace Memorial, known as the Genbaku Dome, was one of the few surviving structures after the city was hit by an atomic bomb in 1945. Its ruins bear witness to the 140,000 people who died, and spreads the message of “no more Hiroshimas”. Metrotrekker

To adapt to a changing world, heritage conservation needs to look toward the future

World heritage sites play an essential role in advancing Unesco’s goals, but more foresight is needed to imagine and enable promising strategies that address the needs of future generations.
From textbook to real-world application. Labguest

From decisions to disorders: how neuroscience is changing what we know about ourselves

People have wanted to understand our motivations, thoughts and behaviours since the ancient Greeks inscribed “know thyself” on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. And understanding the brain’s place in health…


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