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Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

At Mansfield University, students are afforded premier opportunities from the moment they first enroll at MU right up to the time they graduate. A Mansfield University experience develops the student holistically by combining rigorous academics with a broad range of extra-curricular opportunities at an affordable cost. Student success is the primary focus of the Mansfield faculty and staff. We strive to develop and maintain a premier learning environment with premier opportunities for our entire student body.


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Since 1982, over 11,000 books have been challenged by individuals seeking to have them banned from schools or libraries. 'Book' via

I’m a librarian who banned a book. Here’s why.

When only six people showed up for a panel designed to raise awareness of banned books, the pot needed to be stirred a bit.
Lower-income students benefit the most from libraries. Yet, budget cuts are leading to a decline in their numbers. Pesky Librarians

The calamity of the disappearing school libraries

The number of libraries is dropping drastically across almost all states. Will a revised No Child Left Behind law make a difference?
In Samuel Roth’s time, there was no Constitutional protection for expression deemed subversive, obscene or indecent. Columbia News

An American Charlie Hebdo?

In 1957, publisher Samuel Roth spent his 63rd birthday in federal prison. His appeal denied by the United States Supreme Court, he would end up serving every day of his five year sentence. The crime? He…


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