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Regional Australia Institute

The RAI is Australia’s first national, apolitical, independent think tank devoted exclusively to regional issues.

Our job is to conduct research into priority policy areas for regional Australia.

Australia’s regions are currently experiencing massive opportunities for growth and development, particularly in mining, food and telecommunications.

Board members include Professor Sandra Harding, Vice-Chancellor and President of James Cook University and Professor Ngiare Brown, Foundation CEO of the Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association (AIDA).


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Australia Post: more than letters. Alison Curtis/Flickr

The future of Australia Post will be off the beaten track

In the near future a trip to the Post Office in regional and remote Australia may mean picking up a parcel or a letter. It could also mean a virtual meeting with your tertiary education provider, a virtual…
Australia’s regions have a more diverse skills base than many believe. Image sourced from

Australia’s competitive landscape and the skills divide

Since his return as prime minister, Kevin Rudd has been firmly focused on ensuring Australia doesn’t falter as it braces for the decline of the mining golden age. National competitiveness has become an…
The government reacted swiftly last week to help Queensland flood victims, but the focus on “replacement” may have deleterious economic consequences for regional communities. AAP

Replacing what we’ve lost may shortchange Queenslanders

With predictions for more frequent and severe natural disasters in the future, it is imperative that we look further than the replacement of our physical infrastructure when rebuilding regional communities…
Mining is a major regional activity - yet as we ready ourselves for the Asian century, very little research has been undertaken on other growth opportunities in these areas.

Where is regional Australia in our Asian Century future?

A stocktake of research conducted into regional development in Australia shows that we are failing to do sufficient research on opportunities for sustainable growth and prosperity in regional Australia…


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