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Sea Education Association

SEA was founded in 1971 to develop an understanding of the ocean and of its powerful role in the environment. SEA developed the Stanford@SEA Program, forming additional partnerships with domestic and foreign universities. SEA’s academic offerings have expanded from one program to six and the science done by SEA students and faculty has become internationally recognized, especially in the area of marine debris.


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Microplastics sample collected in a plankton net trawl in the North Pacific subtropical gyre from the SSV Robert C Seamans. Giora Proskurowski/Sea Education Association

Far more microplastics floating in oceans than thought

New method tallies microplastics in southern oceans, yielding a total that’s 37 times higher than previous estimates.
Tiny fragments of plastic, upon each of which balances a miniature world of microbial life. Marilou Maglione/SEA

Welcome to The Plastisphere: ocean-going microbes on vessels of plastic

The amount of plastic debris accumulating in the open ocean has doubled in 40 years. This has been is a topic of increasing public concern and scientific interest since it was first reported in the 1970s…


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